Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama Arrogance, Elitism at NALEO

Addressing the NALEO ( National Alliance of Latino Elected Officials) today, Senator Obama's arrogance and elitist attitude once again came out during the question and answer period.

Arrogance is defined by Websters dating back to the 14th century as: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions

Elitist is defined as:

1. The belief that certain persons or members of certain classes or groups deserve favored treatment by virtue of their perceived superiority, as in intellect, social status, or financial resources.
a. The sense of entitlement enjoyed by such a group or class.
b. Control, rule, or domination by such a group or class.

Since he first started running for President 18 months ago Senator Obama has made it clear he is running for his second term as President, not his first. In his answers to questions albeit interviews or appearances before groups like NALEO he will almost always slip in the presumptuous phrase "at the end of my 1st term." He did it during the Democratic Primary Debates and will continue to do it until the media finally asks "You make it sound like your 1st term will be so successful there will be a 2nd term. How do you know you will be nominated for a second term?"

In Obama's elitist and arrogant world he has already looked into the future and determined everything he does and every decision he makes will be so successful he will have to serve a second term. In his second term maybe he will be so loved that there will be a Constitutional Amendment repealing the 22nd Amendment limiting Presidents to 2 terms. Maybe this is a subtle message not only to Republicans but to Hilliary supporters, who are saying no deal and any other Democrat, don't even think about it.

To Obama words matter and he is always slow and deliberate when picking his words. His mind is racing in search of the appropriate words to answer the question in a way that cannot come back to hurt him. Ask 5 different people to repeat his position on a particular issue and because Obama is an expert in 'garbldygook' will most likely get 2 or 3 different answers. He is the definition of the perfect Teflon Man.

Obama's message to Hilliary supporters and McCain supporters: "Don't even bother voting in the fall, its over."

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  1. Americans aren't the only ones with concerns about presidential candidate Barack Obama. Obama’s upcoming visit to Israel has been receiving a lot of attention - but not because of his popularity in the nation. According to Jewish newspaper the Forward, doubts about Obama in the US have been magnified in Israel. You can check out the full article online at

    The main political parties seem to share the fear that Obama’s projected dialogue with Iran will be used by Ahmadinejad as a camouflage for nuclear enrichment. Other concerns expressed in the article include founder and director of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information Gershon Baskin’s belief that Obama’s election is “essential for Israel” even though the majority of Israelis will never agree with him and he “doesn’t have the knee-jerk reaction of using force to fix everything”.

  2. Keep up the great work!

    Although I am worried, I just saw a local News report predicting that John McCain will loose his
    home state of Arizona!!!

    CBS 5 News: Will McCain loose Arizona?

    Is this for real??!!

  3. This doesn't surprise me, I have a personal connection w/Az and have made many trips to the state. John McCain will carry his home state and if Obama continues to make Americans angry with his elitist attitude, he will lose.
    The video Barack Obama: "The One" internet ad
    says it all.

  4. Only a white person who never expected blacks to truly be his/her equal could think Obama is an elitist.