Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mandate To Congress

The Democratic controlled Congress and Liberal media keeps saying the American voter gave Congress a mandate and sent a message in the last election. Ask yourself the following questions and then ask are these the messages Americans intended to send or has Congress misunderstood the message altogether:

President Bush is a liar!

President Bush conspired on 9/11 and ordered the destruction of Bldg 7 and the attack on the Pentagon!

The war in Iraq is illegal, Congress had no part in it!

We want our troops withdrawn immediately!

We want Congress to cut funding and give up!

We don't care what happens to the millions of women, children and people (that believe in America) who will be left for slaughter after we leave!

Publicly praise and say you support the troops, but secretly come up with a plan to do everything you can to undermine the war, even if you endanger the troops!

Do whatever you have to do in order to get a Democrat elected!Meet with our enemies and start your own foreign diplomacy even if it goes against the Constitution!

Do not compromise with the President, just keep attacking and blaming everything on him and the Republican Party!

Pass all kinds of meaningless bills, that you know will not make it to the Presidents desk because they are Bad bills, and blame it on the President and Republican Party.

Do nothing that is good for the country, in order to make the President look bad. Doing nothing could be a good thing in 2008!

Never admit the surge is working, even if it does start to work the Liberal media will back you up!Ignore anything positive the American troops have to say about what is going on in Iraq!

Stop calling it a Global War On Terror!Send the message to our enemies, "Democrats will take over the White House in 2008 and we will negotiate with you"!

Keep the country divided with your attacks and your doom and gloom rhetoric, so Americans will vote out all Republicans in 2008!Continue to declare the economy and the war a Republican disaster!

Follow the example of the great Democratic Congress that gave up on South Vietnam and surrendered!

Do nothing that would help America achieve victory but do everything possible to ensure defeat.

Impeach the President or Vice President, either one will ensure a 2008 Democrat victory, this is what we want!

Investigate everything you can, regardless of how important it is or how much merit it has. It will keep us busy and remind us of the Nixon years!

Start the 2008 election campaign 2 years early, the media will love it and the Democrats can wear down Republican voters!

Allow all illegal immigrants into our country and take our jobs, we don't want to work!

Say you are not for amnesty but give it to the illegals and call it a comprehensive humane immigration law!

Do all these things and we will vote Democrat in 2008!

If you believe this is the message Americans sent to Congress in 2006 then Harry Reid is right, we have lost. Looking at the accomplishments of this Congress I believe this is their game plan for the rest of the year.

I would encourage people to read the new book Final Conflict The Last American Journal of Eddie Johnson then decide if this the message we intended for this Congress. For more information and a look at our future after the 08 election go to:

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