Monday, August 24, 2009

Swine Flu Kills 592 Americans

by Ron Spangler

As of today, 592 Americans have died from Swine Flu and the flu season has not started yet. Flu vaccinations are still being studied and the answer coming from this administration is wash your hands and stay home if you become ill, makes sense to me.

This type of flu is deadly and the administration and the media doesn't seem all that interested. Evidently 592 Americans really aren't important enough to interrupt the Health Care (Socializing) Debate.

The news coming out is, sorry there probably won't be enough vaccination to stop a higher than normal death rate during the upcoming flu season. Now I could understand if this Swine flu, forgive me I forgot the government wants us to call it H1N1 so we don't offend the Mexican pig farmers, had just hit the U S in the last month but it has been here for months. It was first detected in Mexico 4 months ago. I don't know how most people feel but 592 American deaths in 3 months seems a little high and should be a little bit more important than trying to totally rebuild the health care system in America.

When will this administration and the media become concerned, when the death toll reaches 1000, 1500, or maybe 3000 to the Swine flu and another 3000 to the normal flu strain.

I for one just don't get it! Border Patrol agents are being killed by Mexicans and escaping back into Mexico, Americans are dying from Swine flu, oil prices are increasing, the jobless rate is steadily climbing, businesses are failing, banks are still failing, and Obama and the Democrats are more worried about taking over the health care industry (like they did General Motors) than protecting Americans or saving the dollar from a total collapse.

Maybe things still are not bad enough for the great Obama and his Democrat Posse to ride in and save the poor misinformed and illiterate American people. Maybe Obama style Socialism is really the answer.

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