Monday, May 24, 2010

Oil Industry Next Obama Take Over

by Ronnie Spangler

After 55 days of government incompetence in the way they are handling the Gulf Oil leak you have to wonder if President Obama is just waiting for the right moment to declare a state of emergency and take over the American oil industry. It is no secret the President has always been opposed to drilling in this country unless the drilling is government owned and operated by government workers.

Is it really such a stretch to believe this President and Democrat controlled Congress would be willing to wait until the oil has devastated our coastal areas, before the government takes a larger role in solving the problem? Before answering yes this is crazy, consider past statements of members of Congress and the actions of this President during the economic crisis.

Remember Maxine Walters:

Remember Rahm Emanuel:

The 5 areas Rahm is talking about we now find out means complete government control.

Where is the media in this, all but silent. If this had been the Bush Administration after 33 days of leaking unknown amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, would we be saying this is another Katrina and proof of government incompetence?

Here is David Axelrod admitting the government is incompetent in finding answers to stopping the leak. He admits only the oil industry has the equipment and the knowledge to handle the leak.

With this in mind can we really expect government to run the oil industry? Will we become so angry with the oil industry that we sit idly by watching while President Obama fulfills another goal of government take over and fundamentally changing America into another European Socialist State?

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