Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democrats Abandon Obama, Pelosi, Reid

Just A Ploy To Win Elections

by Ronnie Spangler

Voters beware of Democrat candidates in conservative clothing. As the midterm elections draw closer many Democrat candidates are beginning to side with Tea Party members on spending, taxes and Health Care. The question on everyone's mind is are they honest or like every politician in the past, telling us what we want to hear just to get elected. Sorry but after Obama my faith in politicians, especially those of Democrat DNA, has been reduced to zero.

The list is increasing every day of Democrats that are reminding voters they did not vote with Obama/Pelosi or they are running ads telling folks they do not work for Pelosi. What has happened to honesty or integrity amongst thieves (politicians).

Are these people so naive that they expect us to believe once they are elected they will not fall right back into their elite spend and tax ways of doing business?

Have they become so power crazed that they honestly think they can continue to lie and con without punishment?

Democrat of Florida. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called Democrats "centrist, where the country is" and Republicans "the right wing fringe.”She was referring to Republicans that support Tea Party views. Could this be true? Are Democrat ideas and policies really in line with mainstream America?

If this is true why did Indiana Democratic Rep. Joseph Donnelly run a campaign ad which brags he, “voted against Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax.”

Why is Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Jason Altmire, who voted no only 2 days before the Health Care Bill passed, bragging in his ads he “wasn’t afraid to stand up to Nancy Pelosi.”

How about North Carolina Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre bragging in his ads “I don’t work for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.”

Two Congressional hopefuls seem to be praying for something to happen that will not put them in the situation of having to follow Nancy Pelosi.

State Sen. Mike Oliverio, Democratic nominee in West Virginia’s 1st District said, “Hopefully, there will be a better candidate [for speaker] than Nancy Pelosi,” and Alabama Democratic Rep. Bobby Brightwas quoted as saying: “She might get sick and die.” Even opponent Roby felt that was a bit much.

If this isn't bad enough now some Democrats are saying they could support extending the Bush tax cuts and even repeal the Obamacare mandate. Are we really expected to believe this? They bashed Bush for the past 8 years as being stupid and the problem for everything known to man plus they forced the mandate down our throats saying we just didn't understand but we would like it in the end. Well they gave it to us in the end and now they're finding out we still don't like it.

The Democrats seem to think that just because they fooled us in o6 and 08 they can do it again in 2010. They seem to think old dogs cannot see through their new tricks of deception. Fool us once shame on them, fool us twice shame on us. There will not be a 3rd time for them.

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