Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Questions Concerning Obama Reelection

by Ronnie Spangler

What are your thoughts about Mitt Romney as a GOP candidate?

Mitt Romney is an exceptional candidate for the GOP. If he stays on message, which is the economy and jobs, he will be the next President. The deciding factor will be the debates. The Obama campaign has tried every distraction they can think of to derail the Romney campaign. Now they are pinning their hopes on a friendly media during the fall debates. During these debates the media will do everything possible to embarrass and force Romney to deviate from his message. President Obama will not be forced to defend his record while Gov Romney will be forced to answer questions about Healthcare, Bain Capital, religion and social issues. He cannot fall into the Obama orchestrated trap or he will lose every debate.

What do you think about Obama and his chances for re-election?

I have always considered Obama a con artist at best. If you check my archives and read some of my previous post you will find I have never supported President Obama. I spend a lot of time traveling throughout our southwestern states from Texas to southern California. He will win California by promising to bail them out of their current financial situation and catering to the Latino vote. He will promise them everything and paint Republicans as an uncaring racist party that will deport every Hispanic undocumented person in the state. As the election gets closer and the economy continues to falter I would give the advantage to Gov Romney. As the price of oil continues to fall the price of gas will also fall by the election rolls around. If people understand that this is only a short term event and realize that the price will go back up after the elections are over, this could still be an issue that Gov Romney can win on. Its too early to predict President Obama's
chances for re-election but Gov Romney is trending up and is looking good for a Romney Presidency.

What do you think will be the main issue in November election?

If Gov Romney can stay focused it will be the economy and jobs. If not and he falls into the Obama media trap, the main issue will become more about Romney and his past record and less about Obama and his dismal record.

How do you think Social Media will play a role in this campaign? and can you compare it to Obama's campaign of 2008?

In 2008 Sen Obama owned the Social Media, now the Conservatives and Independents are very close to taking over sites like Twitter Facebook. I believe the recent decision by GM to pull their advertising from Facebook had more to do with politics than revenue. More an more sites in favor of Gov Romney are popping up on Facebook and this was a warning to them, if you refuse to show support for Obama you will lose our advertising. However, it will not work.

With all the bias being shown by the networks and print media, more and more people are turning to Social Media for information. It is clear that all of the networks including MSNBC and CNN are once again supporting President Obama and will say or do anything to help in his re-election. This is why their ratings have dropped to historical lows. The public simply does not trust the media anymore.

What is your opinion of Super PACs and its influence in this race?

Regardless of what the polls show or what people say when publicly answering this question, Super Pacs will heavily influence how people vote. Like everything else the Democrat Party has done, all of the negative ads coming from Democrat Super Pacs will backfire on President Obama. So far every Democrat negative ad that has been run by the President has been answered by the Romney Campaign or a Super Pac that endorses Gov Romney. I also believe President Obama's flip flop on using Super Pacs and venture capitalist donors will come back to haunt him this fall.

As it stands now.

As more and more people become involved in this election cycle and as they learn more about Gov Romney I believe he will continue to gain support. This election will hinge on President Obama's record and the direction he is currently taking America. With Europe falling apart and states like California facing bankruptcy due to overspending, Americans are afraid the country is headed in the wrong direction.

For a long time Obama supporters have been suffering from Buyer's Remorse. They really don't like the way President Obama has handled the office but they have no where to turn. They know President Obama will not fulfill his campaign promises but they find it too hard to admit they were wrong. The only alternative they have is to stay home and not participate in his re-election. If they decide to place the country before ideology this could happen.


  1. Willard Mitt Romney is a capitalistic con artist who will say anything to get elected. His economic plan is a rehash of voodoonomics of giving tax breaks to the rich to create jobs. The fact of the matter is is that it is consumers that create jobs by buying things that rich people hire people to make. Read to see how to create a better America.

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