Friday, July 31, 2009

America's Most Dangerous People

by Ron Spangler

An American hero was laid to rest today but most Americans watching American television went on with their lives unaware of the ultimate sacrifice of another brave American along our southern border.

The family of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas held a private ceremony for the father, husband, and son after his execution style murder by illegals crossing the San Diego California border.

Agent Rosas was murdered Thurs. July 24, 2009. The media coverage has been limited at best. Except for a very short statement on the Welcome Obama website, the President has said nothing publicly about the murder or if he is even concerned.

Director Janet Napolitano has followed the President's lead and also issued a short statement on the Homeland Security website.

It is self evident that the murder of Agent Rosas is not a high priority of the America media, the President, or Homeland Security Director Napolitano. As an American, I can only express to the family of Agent Rosas my deepest sympathy and embarrassment for the callous way this President, Director and media personnel have handled the execution of an American Agent by foreign citizens on our own soil.

This should be treated the same as a terrorist crossing our border, killing our agents that have sworn to protect those borders and escaping back to Mexico. Unfortunately it seems that this President, Director and the media think the Border Patrol agents lives are not significant enough to garner national attention.

Maybe they believe this is just a local or regional crime that doesn't warrant national attention, unlike the great Cambridge crime that ended with the Great Summit and weeks of mindless media coverage.

What minuscule amount of national coverage that has been given to the death of Agent Rosas has been embarrassing at best. The only decent amount of time was given on the Foxnews channel with Hemmer and Kelly. Unfortunately Megan Kelly undermined the story by laughing and joking about the booking photo of one of the suspects holding a Border Patrol pistol.

What kind of a message does this send to the drug cartels, terrorist and criminals that are illegally crossing our borders in the dead of night?

Are we as Americans sleeping securely in are beds really safe if we allow the people that risk their lives to be executed without a national outcry?

The media has done a very good job of downplaying the murder of Agent Rosas the same as they have downplayed the lousy and shameful job of the Department of Justice to extradite the murderer of Border Patrol Agent Aguilar. He was murdered January 19, 2008 by Jesus Navarro Montes who sits in a Mexican jail and was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for 2nd degree murder back in May 2009.

This is not the first time Montes has been held in a Mexican jail after witnesses said he intentionally ran down Agent Aguilar. Montes was captured, held then released by Mexican police back in 2008 shortly after the death of the agent. Montes was almost captured by Border Patrol Agents in February 2009 while leading illegals across the border. He was able to escape back into Mexico but was apprehended by Mexican police along the border. Since that time he has been sitting in the Mexican jail while our Federal Attorney's twiddle their thumbs.

So who are America's Most Dangerous People?

President Barrack Obama

Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano

Justice Department Director and the Federal Prosecutors Handling These Cases


The American Media That Believes The Great Beerfest Summit Is More Important Than The Lives Of Our Border Patrol Agents.

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