Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Border Patrol Agent Murdered

by Ron Spangler

In less than 2 yrs another BP agent has been killed by Mexican illegals. What will the US government and President Obama do, NOTHING.

Agent Robert Rosas a 3 yr BP agent was shot to death while tracking illegals that had crossed the border Thursday night.

According to a Associated Press article " The Los Angeles Times reported that police in Tecate, Mexico, said Friday they had arrested an injured man walking near the crime scene with a Border Patrol-issued weapon shortly after the shooting. The man, Ernesto Parra Valenzuela, 36, was taken to a hospital, according to a news release."

The news release did not say what type of injury Valenzuela sustained but there have been reports that the killing of Agent Rosas looked more like an execution than a gunfight.

The President has said nothing about the killing, he is to busy worried about how the Cambridge police investigates reports of burglaries in process.

Just like the killing of Senior Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar on January 19, 2008, I believe nothing will be done about the death of Agent Rosas.

The murderer of Agent Aguilar has been in the custody of Mexican police not once but twice and never turned over to US officials.

How many more must die in the line of duty before Americans start to care about the people that are trying to protect us and enforce our laws?

Its time Americans call Congress and the President, tell them to stop with the Health Care B.S. and raise hell with Mexico. If they will not release these murderers of American citizens we can always come and get them ourselves.

Sorry to be so long but enough is enough.

My deepest sympathy and regrets go out to Agent Rosas' family.

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