Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wall Street 2010 Bubble Ready To Burst

by Ron Spangler

Looking at the year ahead it is not hard to see another economic disaster looming in the near future. Like every Socialist program put forward in 2009 by the Socialist Democrat Party led by President Obama, the Health Care and Energy Bill of 2010 will be the proverbial nail in the coffin for the United States economy. President Obama and his Socialist colleagues in his own secret government of Czars and media cohorts like MSNBC and CNN are doing everything possible to spin the true state of America's economy. By using temporary employment numbers to decrease the real unemployment numbers they are misleading the American people. The reasoning for reporting an increase in temporary jobs is pure politics and a attempt to gloss over the reality that the economic situation of the average American has reached the point of desperation.

The media supporting President Obama and the Socialist Democrats that have taken over the Democrat Party must stem the tide of the Tea Party activist. The media fully understands that the Tea Party movement threatens to bring down this government and their Socialist programs in the Nov 2010 elections. Early on the media hitched their wagon to the Obama Socialist agenda and are so heavily invested that they cannot afford to abandon the agenda regardless of the consequences.

Al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations have been watching and taking advantage of the turmoil going on within the Democrat political party and economic recession facing the American people. After studying the reasons for the fall of the Soviet Union, the present day terrorist leaders understand that the best way to destroy America is to bankrupt our economy. With the election of Barack Obama they consider this to be the most opportune time to bring America to her knees and achieve their goal of destroying our economy. In their view a weak America cannot afford a strong defense and cannot afford to fight a global war on terror.

The attacks in Little Rock Arkansas, Fort Hood Texas and Detroit Michigan were designed to do two things. One was create fear in the market place and airline industry, the other was to disrupt the normal everyday flow of business in America. So the American people would not be alarmed, the government and media played down the Little Rock and Fort Hood attacks as everyday criminal acts perpetrated by deranged American citizens. The President, his administration officials and some in the media tried to play down the Christmas day bomber in Detroit but it was impossible. To every American except the President we knew we were under another terrorist attack. Since the connections of the Christmas day bomber and the other Muslim attackers have come out the media and the President find themselves in a difficult position. It has become impossible to defend their previous position but they still try.

After the dismal and utterly failed attempts to con the American people on what really happened in Detroit, the President came out trying to act tough and promising to take the appropriate action to ensure this never happens again. Sounded nice to some but the Islamic Jihad terrorist hell bent on destroying America are laughing all the way to their terrorist camps. They consider this president as strong in rhetoric but weak in spine. They have watched time after time as this president gave out ultimatums and deadlines to enemies of America. They have watched to see the ultimatums and deadlines turn out to be nothing more than empty rhetoric that no one fears. Now they are watching as the President turns his attention back to the economy and his promise to fundamentally transform America. They know that in the mind of this President the situation is under control and due to his strong speech the problem of terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda have been dealt with. The problem for America is the Islamic Imams that are organizing and funding the terrorist will never stop because the President offers a feel good tough sounding speech. Because of their distorted view of Islam these Imams will never stop trying to destroy America, Israel, England and the rest of the western world. By calling the people attacking us extremist, President Obama is doing nothing but playing right into the hands of the Imams.

Very soon the Health Care Bill will be passed and signed into law by the President. As soon as the final Bill is passed in the Senate and House, the Senate will take up the Energy Bill that was previously passed through the House. As the Senate works on a compromise Energy Bill the House will take up their Immigration Bill. Just as the Health Care Bill was forced down the American citizen's throats, so will the next two Bills to come out of Congress. Unfortunately for our country by the Summer of 2010 everything will most likely come to a disastrous climax. The unintended or maybe intended consequences of the new regulations, taxes and pending Bills before Congress will cause the already escalating oil prices to reach a point that cause the artificial prices in the market to collapse. Any successful attack on the United States by a terrorist group will hasten the dramatic increase in prices and accelerate the collapse of Wall Street.

Nothing we as Americans can say or do will change the ideology of this President or his Socialist Democrat Party. He and his followers are living in their own ideological world of illusions. They honestly believe that through a Lansky Marxist style world economy they can persuade the Muslim extremist to put down their weapons and partake in the new world Utopia they are designing. The only thing that angers President Obama is the temporary distraction these terror attacks cause. He cannot afford the Congress' attention be taken away from the tasks at hand, Health Care, Energy, Immigration Reform and transforming America. With Americans becoming angrier every day the President can ill afford distractions. If his Socialist Democrat Party's agenda is not fulfilled by the next election he may not have enough votes in the Congress to complete his Socialist transformation. If the government spending and artificial prices controlling the market collapse, the bubble will burst again. When this happens President Obama will be remembered as the worst President in the history of the United States.

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