Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Address and Buyer Remorse

by Ron Spangler

As part of President Obama's State of the Union Address word has been leaked that he is going to announce a partial spending freeze. Pundits on the right see it as a political gimmick and pundits on the left see it as surrendering his sole to the right. State_of_America sees it as just another con or bait and switch tactic by this centuries' greatest con-artist.

With the left hand he has increased spending by $24 Billion per year but with the right hand he will freeze future spending that will save less than $15 Billion per year. If passed he knows Congress will find ways to get around this partial freeze and continue spending like drunken sailors of olden days (sailors today have nothing to spend). If it doesn't pass he can blame Republicans and regain the trust and votes of Independents in the upcoming November 2010 elections. It is pure politics designed to help Democrats and stymie some of the spending criticism coming from his political opponents.

In a earlier post date September 24, 2009 Buyer's Remorse in America I called President Obama the greatest con artist of the 20th century and possibly the 21st century. If this latest scam wins favor with Independents it will confirm my analysis. In that post I said in part:

'The con artist or confidence artist has gone by many names throughout history. Flim Flam man, hustler, shyster, grifter and sham artist are only a few of the more common names of people that work off of the naivety, honesty, trust, and sometimes greed or dishonesty of the victims they encounter along their paths.

A huge misconception about the perfect con is that the con man is in it only for the money. After a few cons the money doesn't mean as much as the power and confidence he gains from pulling off the perfect con. There are many forms of con artist and con games going on around the world. The biggest con of all is in American politics.

Unlike working people that see harder times coming their way and try to save as much as they can, this Administration and Congress will continue to spend outrageous amounts of money making the dollar worthless. By the end of 2010 this could end in bankruptcy for America. This idea of spending your way out of recession or depression is nothing new, witness the former Soviet Union. They more than any other country in recent history proved that a central government having total control of the economy and involvement in running private industry only ends in disaster.

Why are Democrats doing this? Are they really that stupid? The answer is pure elite arrogance. In their greed for more power and their arrogance in believing they have the answer for every question, they believe their progressive ideology is the answer. They believe a nation of one party rule is the answer for the 21st Century. They also believe this one party rule must closely follow the philosophy of the great philosopher Mao and the the freedom fighter Che Guevara. If you believe in this philosophy or idea then it is not stupid to believe you can make it happen. If you are so arrogant that you believe you have all the answers or the government is the answer, then this is the natural path to follow.

If on the other hand you look back in history you will find this idea to be stupid. Why, because you will find other world leaders have followed this path and led their countries to a complete and disastrous failure.

In the 20th century alone Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Che and others believed in and followed this path. All of these people had one thing in common. They were crazed power hungry ideologues. They believed government was the answer to everything and they must control the thoughts and minds of the people they governed. They did not believe in an individual's right to succeed or fail. They did not believe in an individual's right to question the path their government was taking. They believed people were too stupid to understand what was in the best interest of the country. They believed the common man was too stupid to understand the economy and how it works.

History today glorifies people like Mao especially

"Few people in history deserve sole credit for changing the fate of an entire nation. One of them is Mao Tse-tung, the man who rose from the peasantry to become the pre-eminent revolutionary theorist, political leader and statesman of Communist China."

In reality all of these men were mass murderers and they all came to power during or after the Great Depression when the world was facing an economic collapse. They promised their people better times and a better way of life. By taking control of the market and nationalizing all of the industries, they had a short term success in turning around their economies. They built roads, bridges, buildings, and automobiles. But in the case of Germany the biggest industry was military arms. Everyone in one way or another worked for the government.

The problem with this type of Totalitarian, Communist, or Socialist society is it never works. To some extent they all followed the Marxist doctrine. Followers of Marxism or Mao don't understand a few simple truths. People demand their right to succeed or fail. People demand the right to question their government. People demand to decide what path their country is taking. People demand the right to decide how they are taxed and how the money is spent. People expect the media to be free from government influence and tell us the truth about what their freely elected officials are doing. Simply put people demand to be the free and independent people that controls their government, not the people that are controlled by the government. People in America desire and expect nothing less than the dreams our founding fathers envisioned in the Declaration of Independence and the rights given by the Constitution of the United States. American people will tolerate nothing less.

With the last few elections, especially in Massachusetts, America has sent Washington a message. It is not clear if they understand or if they are just too arrogant to care. One thing is certain, America will no longer be conned. Great speeches and grandiose promises will no longer allow the politicians to disregard the American people. President Obama can no longer treat us like he did the 6th grade class with his Presidential podium and teleprompters. Either change directions or your progressive supporters will be voted out and like President Clinton you will be isolated and forced to bow to the demands of the American people.

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