Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buyer's Remorse in America

by Ron Spangler

Buyer's remorse is steadily growing across America as we watch the total destruction of the American way of life. President Obama is determined to rebuild America according to his own personal way of thinking. The way he has chosen to rebuild the country is not absolutely clear, all though most believe it will be very close to a Socialist state. I believe it will be more like Venezuela.

With consumer confidence at a record low, it is no wonder depression in America has reached an all time high. The average American cannot believe anything coming out of Washington D. C.

I have often referred to President Obama as the greatest con artist of the 20th century. He will probably retain this title through the 21st century, along with the honor of being the President that destroyed America.

The con artist or confidence artist has gone by many names throughout history. Flim Flam man, hustler, shyster, grifter and sham artist are only a few of the more common names of people that work off of the naivety, honesty, trust, and sometimes greed or dishonesty of the victims they encounter along their paths.

A huge misconception about the perfect con is that the con man is in it only for the money. After a few cons the money doesn't mean as much as the power and confidence he gains from pulling off the perfect con. There are many forms of con artist and con games going on around the world. The biggest con of all is in American politics.

Americans for the most part believe "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" means limited government intrusion into are personal lives. It means individual Americans have the right to decide how they will live their lives, where they will live, and the path they will take in the pursuit of their particular idea of happiness. It means Americans will tell the government how they should act, not the government dictating to Americans how we should live. The perfect con we are witnessing today is being performed by a President and his shadow government. While he is publicly professing the same beliefs that most Americans have, his shadow government is busy creating crisis after crisis that will allow the President to take actions that no President in the past could have ever gotten away with.

To perfect his con there must first be some truth in some of what the con artist has said. During President Obama's campaign he told America he would "transform America." Like everything else in his public and political career he never went into details how he would transform the country and the definition of change was purposely left to interpretation. By doing this he has been able to stave off critics by his supporters pointing out the President is only doing what he said he would do and what the majority of voters expected him to do.

However, while a large majority of his supporters are still in a state of denial some are beginning to doubt President Obama's true intentions. His ardent supporters have forgotten all of the people that have been thrown under the bus throughout the life of this President. They cannot believe President Obama would betray or use them for his own political use or expediency.

One of the tricks used by a successful con artist is never allow anything to be traced back to your door. President Obama has perfected this principle throughout his days in the Illinois and U S Senate. While he has cosponsored some legislation there are no laws that have been passed that can be solely attributed to him. Since he has been President he has written nothing but instead he has allowed Congress to write the bills he wants passed. In this way Congress will rightfully be blamed if it is a failure and he can take credit if it works. The Health Care Reform Bill is a perfect example. Will the Democrats in Congress, including Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, be some of the victims to fall under the Obama bus of doom?

Obama is starting to experience something he has experienced only a few times in his life. He is starting to feel the pressure of being in a leadership role, of which he is floundering, and he is feeling distrust,anger and resistance for the way he wants to "fundamentally change America."

Most Americans liked America, we just wanted the government to work for us and not against us. We wanted America to remain free and the government to follow the Constitution, not interpret it to fit their needs. We liked the idea of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" the way we define it not the way a government dictates it for us.

People are seeing the Emperor with no clothes and the con that he is selling. President Obama is learning that we don't like what we see and we will not stand for it to be shoved down our throats. He believes he can force us to accept his will simply because he is President. He thinks he knows the Constitution better than any man or woman alive today. He believes he is like the Emperor and we will cower down to whatever he dictates. He is very wrong.

Americans are fighters and if the President and Democrat Congress wishes a fight, they like others in history will find the American people are the best fighters in the world. We will not lose, we will not give up.

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