Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stock Market Another Crash

by Ron Spangler

Gold prices rising, oil prices rising, U S deficit continuing to rise, dollar value dropping and faith in the dollar as the world's standard reserve falling means the U S market is facing another disastrous crash. As the Feds continue to print more and more money the dollar is becoming more and more worthless which will lead us into another Jimmy Carter era of high inflation, long gas lines and everything costing Americans more than we can afford.

It has not been that long ago that China called for a New World Reserve Currency

Why are they and other countries worried? They fully understand and can see the future of the American economy and it isn't in the best interest of the rest of the world.

While this Congress and Administration is solely focused on Healthcare and controlling more and more of our everyday lives America is heading for disaster. They are not paying attention to what is really going on around the world and other countries have noticed and are becoming more and more alarmed at the direction this administration is taking America into.

Like it or not the world economy is based more on oil than any other commodity known to man. It was oil and all of its byproducts that was the true driving force behind the industrial revolution in Europe and the 2nd industrial revolution in North America. Without oil and its byproduct grease as a lubricant, mass production in factories could not have been accomplished with such a high level of success in America.

After oilfields were discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859, it was refined into kerosene and grease. Kerosene was used for lighting and grease allowed the factories to redesign tools and machines to mass produce their products. Eventually oil was refined into diesel and gas replacing the steam and electric mode of transportation.
As a form of transportation both steam and electric were either too dangerous or too inefficient to operate and meet the needs of a growing industry and society.

With the abundance and relative cheap supply of American oil the 19th and 20th centuries proved to be the best years for an industrial America. We led the world in industry and new inventions. We won the wars that were started in Europe and Japan. The American dollar replaced gold as the world standard and it was all based on America depending on its own natural resources and industrial strength.

Now all of the successes of our fathers are in jeopardy. Not because America is weak but because Americans have lost their way and become complacent. We now depend on government to solve all of our problems economically and now we are considering to allow the government to take over our health care needs. Throughout history governments whether they are Socialist, Communist, Fascist, or Capitalist have been the very worst at running any economy or health care system. You simply cannot have a free society with our Constitution and allow the government to dictate how everything in that society operates.

People are starting to understand that America's days as a free society may be numbered and they are starting to make their voices heard. The only question is are the politicians listening or do they believe they are the only ones in charge. The last time I looked the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence made it quite clear that the American people were in charge and Congress and the President only worked for and represent the American people. It is also clear that all powers not clearly and expressly given to the Federal Government by the States and American People remain in the hands of the States and American People. This President and Congress have somehow forgotten or just don't believe this is part of our Constitution. Maybe they just believe they are above the Constitution and Americans only have rights that Congress shall deem to be appropriate.

I hope I am wrong but if this government continues to print money, spend money they don't have and allow the environmentalist to stop us from returning to a nation that can rely more on our own natural resources and less on foreign resources, then this nation is surely doomed and China knows it. Continuing on the path that Washington is heading down will result in 2010 being the year America fell from a world leader to a third world country. If this happens there will be worldwide chaos and in the end another great war to see who will be the next great power.

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