Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wilson Who Is Lying

by Ron Spangler

After Representative Wilson from South Carolina shouted out "You Lie" during President Obama's speech it made me wonder just who is really lying to the American people.

President Obama said a lot of things and promised something for everyone.

One thing he said was this plan would not add a "single dime to the deficit." How can this be true?

Has anyone ever seen a Government run program that did not add to the deficit over the long run?

No government program is a for profit program. The Veterans Administration does not pay for itself. The Post Office does pay for itself. With Congress continually raiding Social Security it does not pay for itself. Medicaid and Medicare does pay for itself. Amtrak does not pay for itself. Each and every program is either subsidized by the taxpayer or it is running in the red and has to be bailed out by the government at some point in time.

President Obama said "no illegals will be covered under his plan."

While the present bill being considered does say this, no where in the bill does it require proof of citizenship to obtain a co-op or government option insurance program. Without any form of verification of citizenship anyone can be part of this type of program.

As the law stands now anyone in need of health care in this country cannot be denied because they are not U S citizens. Show up at any emergency center and you will be treated, citizen or not. I see nothing in President Obama's speech that will solve this problem of true American citizens with insurance paying for illegals. The big problem, people here illegally will be too afraid to sign up for any insurance without amnesty and some will simply refuse to buy into any American insurance when they know they can go to any emergency room and be treated free of charge.

President Obama said his plan would be payed for by cutting "waste and fraud, as well as unwarranted subsidies in Medicare that go to insurance companies".

Unless you are a absolute Obama supporter willing to believe the man has never misspoke a single word or sentence in his life, you cannot believe this to be true. It simply does not stand to reason that if there is that much waste and fraud in Medicare, and the politicians know where it is, then somebody should be fired for allowing it to continue with or without a new government program.

These are only a few points I ponder as truths or lies. I find it hard to distinguish between political rhetoric and an outright lie. I raised my kids with the understanding a lie is a lie. If you tell me something you know is not true then it is a lie. Mr. President you are supposed to know better than anyone if what you are telling the American people is true or not.

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