Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bashing President Obama and Hollywood

by Ron Spangler

I really wish President Obama and Hollywood celebrities would give me a reason to stop bashing or disagreeing with the things they have done. Sadly they have not and it doesn't look like they will give a reason to praise them in the near future.

With all of the celebrities standing up for the convicted rapist Roman Polanski I can find no raise to cut them any slack. Whoopi Goldberg on the view seems to have her own definition of rape, much different from most Americans. 100 of the most famous celebrities signed a petition supporting Polanski. I can't help but wonder if they would be standing up for a ordinary 43 year old man having sex with a drunk drug induced 13 year old girl. I am sure Whoopi would call it rape.

AS for President Obama the list of disappointments is very long for a President that has been in office for less than a year.

He is showing weakness to a world full of tyrants and dictators by: Running around the world apologizing for things he thinks the United States was wrong in doing and caused problems for other nations. He seems to forget all the good America has done for the world. Pretending he can bring the world together to completely eliminate nuclear weapons while Iran and North Korea build as fast as they can. Agreeing to give up missile defense expecting Russia will agree to sanctions against Iran, Russia said no. Agreeing to negotiate with Iran, Iran said we can talk but not about nuclear weapons. Publicly admonishing Israel settlements at the United Nations.

He is showing weakness as Commander In Chief by:
Placing the war in Afghanistan on a back burner to Health Care Reform and spending his time giving speeches on every selected tv network he can find. Not meeting with the Commander On The Ground for timely information on how the war is really going. Delaying a request for more troops from his Commander when he is told point blank time is critical to accomplish the mission. Changing the strategy the first time his Commander request more troops. Showing a distrust for his Commander's evaluation of the war by saying he wants to consult other experienced people.

He is showing arrogance and a disdain for Americans by: He is showing a total disregard for what Americans are saying about his Health Care Plan. He has decided to trick the American public by acting like this is in their best interest. He has deliberately lied to America by saying illegal immigrants will not be allowed into a public option. He knows the ACLU will be the first to file discrimination against banning illegals and the Supreme Court will side with the ACLU. He knows if you offer a government backed option you cannot block a group of people due to race or national origin, immigration status is only a technicality. He lied about having a totally transparent administration. Laws have been passed without anyone reading the bills and not being posted on the internet like he promised. Lied to America when he said if they didn't pass the Stimulus bill the economy would fail but if we passed it the unemployment rate would not exceed 8.5%.

These are only a few things that give me doubt about President Obama. I hope for America's sake I can find things in the future that have me singing praise for our President, like the little children in schools across America.

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