Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Liberty Under Assault 1st Amendment

by Ron Spangler

In another stunning arrogant assault on our liberty the White House has told Humana to stop telling seniors they will lose some of their Medicare benefits under the new Health Care Bill, according to published reports.

Is this the first step to rewriting the Free Speech Clause in the 1st Amendment?

How long before the White House goes after everyone on the internet that does not agree with this White House?

Will FoxNews be warned or punished over disagreeing with the President?

Will this White House act like Chavez in Venezuela and try to shut down all dissension in America?

These are serious questions and the American people must become directly involved in letting this President know that his authority has limitations.

We are not a third world nation without rights.

We cannot sit around and hope someone else will save our rights for us. Like our forefathers we must fight to preserve our liberty, freedom to differ and our Constitution.

It is becoming increasingly clear that President Obama believes he can transform America into something entirely different from the America we grew up in. I don't know what he taught about the Constitution but I am beginning to get worried about the way he is interpreting it.

He like the Congress still works for the American people even though they don't seem to understand it.

In the new Health Care Bill that in all likely hood will be signed into law, everyone will be required to pay for some type of Health Insurance. Be it young, old, or anywhere in between. This is the 1st step to complete government take over of the Health Insurance industry. I have no sympathy for Insurance Companies but restricting their right of free speech is scary and unconstitutional.

Just how far is this President with his secret government of Czars willing to go in "fundamentally transforming America"? The basic right of every American is the liberty to say what is on our minds and redress our government whenever we feel aggrieved. I must say all Americans are being aggrieved daily by this White House and its Secret Government.

People have questioned the truthfulness of this President and been accused of racism. Examine the truth for a minute. He says public option is not the only way but just a way to the end in his Health Care Plan. He says there will be citizenship verification in his plan to ensure illegal immigrants cannot sign up.

Here is the truth. His idea of a way to the end is really single payer government health care. The end game for this president always has been and always will be government run health care. Once he has a foot in the door he can take it over completely. Verification for keeping illegal immigrants off the public option will mean nothing after the President and Congress push through another Amnesty plan.

These are the truths and this President is not above lying. Witness his answers about ACORN during his Sunday talkathon. After taking over the banks and car industry he has become a power crazed egomaniac that believes his power is limitless.

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