Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama Agrees With Joe Wilson

by Ron Spangler

Has Obama decided to move to the right of center and leave the left behind? After the outcry over whether or not illegals would in fact be covered under H. R. 3200, the Senate Committee and Obama agreed to add a enforcement provision restricting illegals from participating.

How will the Far Left Democrats react is a big question. Once the bill is signed into law with this provision will the ACLU file a lawsuit claiming discrimination and if so will the Supreme Court uphold their claim?

Obama has also endorsed a provision making it mandatory that every American, that the government decides can afford it, purchases some type of health insurance. Will this provision end up in the Supreme Court and be struck down as unconstitutional?

These are questions that are leading Constitutional experts to believe ObamaCare may be in serious trouble.

Critics and media analyst of President Obama have blamed him for not explaining the details of his plan to the American people. Starting with his address before Congress and his constant media blitz he has not succeeded in changing many minds. Now he is promising more changes to satisfy the right. This will surely anger the left.

With a crack developing in the Democratic party over the Afghanistan war and the large crack in the party over Heath care, will any reform be enough to truly bring down the cost in health care or help to put people back to work?

Continuing on with his doggedly unwavering determination to change America President Obama is splitting the country farther and farther apart. He may succeed in forcing some type of Health Care Reform through but the question will be at what cost to America.

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