Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama Foreign Policy Retreat Plan

by Ron Spangler

The message from President Obama to Russia, Iran and Eastern Europe seems to be "Sorry, we don't want to anger anyone so if you confront us we will retreat."

By doing a complete 180 degree reversal of President Bush and Secretary Gates' previous agreement with NATO allies in East Europe he is demonstrating his weakness in foreign policy.

Why is Secretary Gates siding with President Obama and scrapping his previous position? Secretary Gates likes his job. He has seen how easy it is for President Obama to throw someone under the bus and abandon them.

President Obama has a long history of abandoning friends when confronted by his opposition. Unfortunately America's allies are finding out first hand how easy it is for America under this President to abandon them.

It is no longer just a small minority in America that believes President Obama is leading America down the path of Socialism. With his warming up to Putin, Chavez, Castro, Kim Jong-IL and Ahmadinejad he is sending them the message that he is a weak and naive adversary that will retreat if threatened. This is not new. They have studied everything Obama has said or done ever since he first appeared in the public view. They believe history is repeating itself like the period after WWI that led to WWII. Most of the leaders around the world didn't see Germany as a threat and tried to placate Hitler when he gained control and started threatening his neighbors. Everyone turned a blind eye to Japan as they gained more and more control in the Pacific. While most of the western world was tired of war they were really just naive and showing weakness that emboldened Hitler and Japan.

To many around the world it is no longer a myth that President Obama is doing everything in his power to conquer and divide Americans. Many believe he is doing it to better position himself so he can gain the power he needs to transform America from a capitalist to a Socialist state. People are beginning to believe the health crisis is nothing but a contrived crisis to take peoples' eyes off what he is really doing. With his secret little czar government acting behind closed doors he is consolidating more and more power and eventually the Congress will be powerless to stop him.

In the book Final Conflict-The Last American Journal of Eddie Johnson written in 2006 and published in 2007, many of the events that take place during the period covered in the book have started to take place now. The economy has failed, unemployment has reached record levels, descent and public outcry against the government has risen, homelessness has risen, threats from other countries has increased, and the war in Afghanistan is escalating.

Future events in the book are:

North Korea and Iran will increase their areas of influence, Chavez in Venezuela will join with Russia, Cuba and Iran to force America out of Eastern Europe.

Putin will seize complete control in Russia by combining the Presidency and Prime Minister into another Chairmanship resurrecting the Soviet Union.

Iran and North Korea with backing from Russia will join together to become nuclear powers.

Due to another oil crisis caused by the unrest in the Middle East and Chavez shutting off supplies to America, there will be so much economic devastation that the American President will over react and reinstate the insurrection act and a National Police Force to stop all of the public protest and violence taking place in our cities.

All of the events in the book stem from a President that seeks more power and shows signs of weakness in foreign policy matters. If the events covered in this book continue to become a reality then the future for not just America but the rest of the world is bleak at best.

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