Friday, September 18, 2009

Israel On Obama Abandon List

by Ron Spangler

Will Israel be next on the list of friends President Obama will abandon? This President is famous for throwing people and allies under the bus if it is politically or personally beneficial to Barack Obama.

The list of prior friends and supporters is too long to print in one article. The recent list of allies is much shorter, they are notably Poland, Czechoslovakia, Georgia and to some extent Israel. Only time will tell who or how many more will join these four under the wheels of the notorious Obamabus of losers.

It would be funny if it wasn't so dangerous. The world around us is heading for disaster and destruction and it seems that is just what this President is waiting for. Will he be the 2nd coming or the great Messiah that saves and reshapes the world after it all comes crumbling down? This seems to be what is in President Obama's mind.

Final Conflict-The Last American Journal of Eddie Johnson
published in 2007 details the events facing us in the future. While it is a book of fiction it details terrorist attacks during 2010 on cities from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago to the oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. It also goes into detail on how a corrupt power crazed female president let her emotions get the best of her and betrayed our friends and allies around the world.

Behind the scene deals with foreign countries leads her to turning her back on Taiwan, Israel, Iraq, South Korea, and most of our Eastern European friends. As the Afghanistan war escalates she reinstates the draft. With public opinion dropping in the U S she reinstates the full measures of the Insurrection Act and Fairness Doctrine to take control of every city and town in the country. She creates a National Police Force to control dissent and opposition.

Like I said the book is fiction but every place is real and most of the people are based upon real people. The events are fictional but the situations leading up to the events seem to be taking place now. Like the 1st American woman president in the book, the 2008 election was a historical election for America. Also like in the book we are experiencing record high unemployment, a failed economy, record high foreclosures and growing discontent and anger toward the President and Congress.

If President Obama continues down the road he is traveling on his Obamabus of losers, he will surely run into a dead end. The crash will be devastating for the world and this time a recovery may be beyond anything we can foresee.

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