Monday, September 28, 2009

Facts of Life

by Ron Spangler

As we come closer to life's end we reflect on what little knowledge we have gained during our journey. Here are a few of the things I've learned to be facts of life.

Every unborn and aborted child is against abortion.

From birth to death life is full of change.

Older men love young women, older women love young men. They just can't keep them.

Wise men are men that have lived a long and experienced life.

Family members that cannot forgive and forget will never be members of a family.

You can lose all your worldly possessions, you will never lose your fondest memory.

Sometimes the best way to teach is to keep silent.

Some of the best experiences in life come when we fail.

Only a arrogant fool has all the answers in life.

We are happiest if we trust in God, family and always keep a watchful eye on government.

We are at our best if we listen, watch and learn before we speak.

We should never expect people to hear what we say, they will hear only what they want to hear anyway.

When we die the only thing of value that most of us will leave behind is family.

Honest people that believe in the right to protect themselves, family and home believe in the right to bear arms, most Democrats don't.

In real life police can only serve, they cannot always be there to protect.

In a free society elections have consequences, always guard your vote and treat it with respect.

Never let a politician get away with I misspoke, if it wasn't true then he lied.

Never depend on the government to solve our problems, they will always let us down.

We must always be ready to fight for our freedoms or our freedom will be lost.

These are just a few of the things I have learned in life. Hopefully I will not stop learning.

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