Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Israel Attacks Iran, Result WWIII

by Ron Spangler

Does the thought of Israel attacking Iran's nuclear bomb making facilities sound scary, it should scare everyone around the world. The result of such an act will be WWIII.

Every Islamic nation will blame the west, not just Israel. Attacks from Islamic followers will happen in every country throughout the modern world. No nation not aligned with Iran will be seen as the enemy. Syria, and Egypt will automatically join Hezbollah and Hamas to revenge the cowardly and unwarranted sneak attack on peace loving Iran. As the war in the Middle East flares up the West will have no choice but to secretly aid Israel or watch as another Holocaust that Ahmadinejad says never happened, happens again.

If it looks like Israel is going to be destroyed or overrun we will have no choice but to intervene. There will be some that will help but not many. Due to their own self interest most nations will decide to watch as another genocide is committed. The United Nations will refuse to act and members of NATO will say this is none of our business. Obama may not want to join Israel in defending their country but I cannot believe the majority of America will allow him to stand on the sideline while Israel is destroyed.

Germany, France and the majority of NATO countries will publicly chastise and condemn Israel's action while they privately thank god that Israel acted. Only a few countries led by America will offer Israel any assistance in protecting themselves from the Muslim/Islamic onslaught that is sure to come but it may be too little too late.

Time is running out. Israel cannot afford to allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons of any type. It doesn't matter whether its a nuclear warhead on top of a medium range missile or a dirty bomb that can be hidden in a ship and sailed into an Israeli harbor like Tel Aviv or Haifa. If Iran develops a nuclear bomb they will find a way of delivering or using it against Israel. Whether its a missile or dirty bomb the results would be the same, thousands of Israeli innocent civilians will die and chaos will result. If its a dirty bomb Iran will claim they are innocent and it will take months or years for Israel to convince the world Iran was behind the attack. The evidence will be there but because the world will be in shock and fearful of a war with Iran they will refuse to look at the evidence. If however they are able to place a nuclear warhead on a missile, they will find a way either with Hezbollah or Hamas to provoke Israel giving Iran the excuse to launch.

The world today is in such fear of the Islamic/Muslim world that every nation including Russia, China, and America are cowering down to Iran and Ahmadinejad. This is not the first time the world has refused to act because it fears the result would lead to war and hard times. History has a way of repeating itself and it always will if we continue to refuse to learn from our past mistakes. To allow someone like Ahmadinejad to state over and over how he wants to erase Israel off the face of the earth and stand by while he builds nuclear weapons is nothing short of cowardice in the face of tyranny. Can anyone really blame Israel for acting to stop a nuclear holocaust upon their nation when they have been threatened and told over and over "you have no right to exist as human beings."

Time is running out and we should not be alarmed or act surprised when Israel finally decides enough is enough. Feigning outrage or blaming Israel will not dampen the Muslim anger and call for revenge after the Israeli attack against Iran. The Arab world will compare it to Japan attacking the United States leading to WWII. They will make the comparison in order to justify their actions against Israel and some will find this a convenient excuse to step aside.

The time for diplomacy and hoping Iran will change their mind about nuclear weapons is over. Having such a deep hatred for Israel they will never give up the one thing that could give them the power to enslave or destroy the Israeli Nation. If we continue to stand back and show weakness we will be repeating a not so distant history that led us into WWII. Unlike that period the oceans separated us from our enemies. This time they will reach our cites not with their military but through terrorist attacks from coast to coast.

This is the dilemma facing President Obama. Will he stand up to Iran and enemies of both the United States and Israel, they are one and the same, or will he be so naive to think he can change the world with speeches and charm.

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  1. So, Israel and/or the US attacks Iran...then what? Do you think Iran will quietly accept defeat and forgive Israel? And are you aware that conventional bunker busters are insufficient to reach Iran's nuclear facilities...leaving nuclear bunker busters the only effective option? What happens when Israel nukes Iran? What happens in 10 years, 20 years, when Iran has had plenty of time to rebuild its nukes? What will Russia, China, Pakistan, India, etc. do in response? It seems you haven't thought this through. The only good option is deproliferation of the entire Middle East, starting with India, Pakistan, and Israel.

  2. Read what I said. If Iran is attacked it will lead to war and possibly WWIII. This is why President Obama and Israel have not done anything close to attacking Iran and the leaders in Iran know this President will never use military force to stop them from achieving their ultimate goal of nuclear weapons.

    I'm afraid this President has backed himself into a corner with Iran. They see him to be weak and will never negotiate the matter.

    Trying to talk Pakistan or India into giving up nuclear weapons is a non-starter.

  3. The existence of Israel is the problem, plus international Jewry. The Islamic nations as a whole are not unreasonable, but various military industrial forces enjoy hawking the irrationality of contemporary Islamic frame of mind. The Islamic nations like money and selling oil as much as anyone else and want it to continue.

    The current circular firing squad that the GOP has going and other predictors of the 2012 election indicate the Obama will win a second term.