Sunday, June 28, 2009

Buying American Hand Made Products

by Ron Spangler

Americans are getting back to the basics. During this recession Americans are considering their options when purchasing new products. In an effort to save money and buy quality products that will last for years to come we have turned our attentions to local craftsmen and online handcrafted sites like

Almost anything a person could ask for is available on this site. Not only have I purchased items from this site, I have also opened a shop called Unique Home Furnishing.

I offer a variety of items for the home and personal use. My shop is relatively new so I am trying to add more products weekly.

With everything going green and most Americans trying to get the very best in quality for their very hard earned dollar, sites like this have become a godsend to consumers that are tired of stores like Wal Mart who offer mostly cheep inferior Chinese products.

Americans have always been the most productive and imaginative people around the world. We have always taken pride in the products we make and sell. There is something special in the way an American craftsman or artist creates a new product. Making something that will last for generations and hopefully be passed down from one generation to the next is something we dedicate a great deal of time to achieve.

Using material that is recycled to create something new and different is rewarding in itself. Using material that comes from a local business not only helps to stimulate the local economy it also helps to create and save much needed jobs in America. Nine out of ten local businesses purchase their material from American vendors. A very good example is a local lumber company. All of the lumber I purchase comes from a local lumber mill.

Most of the craftsmen and artist on Etsy that I buy from make their products the same way. Isn't it time America started looking out for America and started to support our local entrepreneurs?

If you are not aware of this new way of purchasing the products you are considering, keep in mind this is the only place where the customer can deal directly with the seller. If you see an item you are interested in you can deal directly with the person that designed and constructed the item before you purchase anything. No third party to get in your way. If you like an item but wish to negotiate the price, that can also be done. If you cannot find a particular item you can ask a craftsman to construct your very own design at a price you have agreed upon before the purchase has been finalized.

With manufacturing jobs becoming more and more scarce in America, I would encourage all Americans to consider your local craftsmen for your next purchase.

If you are looking for clothing, jewelry, furniture, gift ideas, toys, candy, or any other product consider shopping here first.

Check out Semfi Unique Home Furnishing

While you are there click on Buy and check all of the categories and sellers available.

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