Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Price Of Oil Rising, People Are Happy?

by Ron Spangler

Oil prices settled at $70.01 today and some folks are happy. They see it as a good sign the economy and the markets are stabilizing. I see it as another disaster in the making.

Have we forgotten that it wasn't just the housing bubble bursting that caused all of the problems facing us today. It was a combination of wall street, housing, government interference and increase in oil prices. The final nail in the American economic coffin was the steady increase in oil prices until it reached the $140.00 barrel mark. Amazingly right after the election the price of oil started to drop until it hit $32.00 a barrel.

Now with General Motors becoming Government Motors and a push by the new CEO Mr. Barack Obama to put every American into the new econo friendly small death trap, it doesn't surprise me to see oil rising again. If you don't believe politicians (many blood suckers) or people like George Soros would manipulate the market and use oil prices to achieve their political goals then you are only kidding yourself.

Its really simple math, increase the cost of oil and it will increase the price of transportation across the country. Increase the cost of transportation and everything we consume will cost more and every individual around the country will suffer. More jobs will be lost, less people will be buying and the recession/depression will last longer.

With Obama's spending frenzy, his unending reach for more power and less Congressional oversight, and his desire for total control of private sector business our economy has little to no chance of recovering as a free capitalist market.

This is exactly his and George Soros' goal. Turning the market and America into a Socialist State.

Using the environment and the global warming scam as an excuse, he is now offering every American up to $4600.00 vouchers to trade in their "gas guzzlers" on new "green econo friendly" vehicles. Here we go again! Remember the Pintos, Vegas, Citations, Pacers, Ponys, and Yugos? A few of the 1/4 ton trucks survived with upgrades from the underpowered 4 cylinders to V6 engines like Ford Ranger and the Chevy S10. All of these small underpowered death traps met their demise not because the price of oil and gas dropped but because consumers didn't want this junk on the rode.

History has a bad habit of repeating itself because for whatever reason we refuse to look back and learn from our past mistakes. The more I watch Obama, the more I fear he believes he is the 12th Imam.

It is fascinating to watch the Obama supporters stand idly by and still defend their savior/messiah as he spends America into total and absolute insolvency. It is sad to think our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer through poverty, tyranny, another great war and possibly another revolution. Maybe they will be smarter than we were, we really didn't think elections have consequences.

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