Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Student On CNN Asks Obama And International Community For Help

by Ron Spangler

Is Obama and the International Community turning a deaf ear to the people in Iran?

This morning on CNN a student demonstrator inside Iran managed to get a call out of Iran to CNN. He explained what was going on from his perspective inside Iran. He asked the International Community and particularly President Obama for help. He did not ask for military intervention instead he asked for more severe sanctions and isolation of his country.

When asked what more the world and President Obama could do the student pointed out that 82% of Iran's gas supply is imported. He asked for heavy sanctions being placed on gasoline because he felt it would bring down the Iranian regime. He also suggested if the world community and President Obama would show solidarity with the protesters it would encourage and give them strength to change the dictatorial regime that is now in power.

The student went so far as to say they would recognize Israel and wanted nothing more than peace with Israel. He stated they had no need for nuclear weapons and were on the opposite side of the current regime on the nuclear issue.

The question for Obama is simple, What will be your reply to this cry for help?

Will it be continued limited fence walking, or a clear message that we in America support the cry of the students for a regime change and a free Iran?

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