Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ford Last Man Standing

by Ron Spangler

Now that the new CEO of Government Motors and the new Chrysler Corporation has managed to destroy 2 out of 3 American auto industry manufacturers, is he setting his sites on Ford?

If so, will Ford be able to stand up to the massive attack that is coming from the American Congress and the new CEO?

The shots at Ford have already been fired. By taking over 2 of Ford's competitors the new CEO can flood the market with more green little death traps at lower cost and provide consumers with monetary incentives to buy exclusively from GM and Chrysler. With the help of Congress he can dictate the rules that Ford will have to comply with even though the new rules will favor GM and Chrysler over Ford.

The first shot was buying up General Motors and Chrysler with the bailout scam, Ford didn't take the bite out of that apple.

The next shot was gaining control of GM and Chrysler and changing the rules for bankruptcy procedures (with the Supreme Court blessing).

The next shot was upping the CAFE Standards to 35 miles per gallon.

Next offer up to $4600.00 vouchers to consumers that trade in their "gas guzzlers" for the little green death traps. And who will decide what is a "gas guzzler" and what is a econo friendly, fuel efficient auto that is worthy of this fabulous offer, you guessed it the Congress and the new CEO.

For marketing purposes and an added incentive how about manipulating the market and increasing the price of oil. Since the Global Warming Scam has been a dismal failure in scaring enough people into buying the green junk maybe 3 to 4 dollars a gallon for gas will do the trick.

If Ford does not play ball with the new CEO and continues to build cars and trucks that the American people really want will they still be competitive?

This question will be answered by the American consumer. For people that can still buy a new car or truck will they fall in line and follow the new CEO like a bunch of sheep or will they say "No, we don't want your little green death traps"?

If Ford is going to survive as the last free and independent American automotive manufacturer, then the American consumer will have to support them by buying their products.

Using oil to get the results you are seeking is nothing new. The new CEO used it during the last election and he will use it again. And who is the new CEO, silly question, President and CEO Barack Obama.

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