Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama Arrogance Toward Queen Elizabeth

Since the American Revolution we in America have had little use for kings and queens ruling nations. On the other hand our leaders normally do not show outright public disrespect or arrogance toward nations that are ruled by kings or queens. This idea of simple respect and civility is even more important if the queen happens to be an ally, a Queen that has little to no parliamentary standing and is one of the very few remaining veterans that served in a military capacity during World War II.

Vice President Biden has been renamed the White House "Court Jester" by some for his everyday political gaffs but what about President Obama. When will the Obama supporters finally see through his rhetoric and see him for what he really is. Like the Emperor in the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale "The Emperor’s New Suit" Obama supporters will never admit their mistake of blindly following their leader regardless of his mistakes or the dangerous path of destruction he leads us on.

Supporters of Obama like the ones at the Huffington Post and MSNBC can try to cover for Obama by saying "Obama Lobbies For D-Day Invitation To Queen, Says White House" however it is clear if President Obama had quietly told France in the very beginning the Queen must be invited, this never would have happened. The truth is Obama and President Sarkozy have more respect for Saudi Arabia King Fahd than they do Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. If you doubt it watch the level of respect President Obama shows when visiting the two different countries.

The way he has treated the Queen is an embarrassment. I am not saying he should bow to any foreign leader but I am saying he should at least show the same level of respect, especially if the woman served her country in a military role during what many believe to be the greatest world crisis in the 20th century. Maybe in Obama's mind since the Queen has no government leadership role, she is unimportant and not his equal therefore she does not deserve his respect. I suppose President Obama believes his trip to England and visit to the Queen was more of a chance for her to show her adoration of Obama than his respect for her long history of serving her country.

MSNBC can continue to carry water for the Obama team by printing stories like "Prince Charles to attend D-Day ceremony" but in the eyes of the world, like the innocent child in the Fairy Tale the truth is there for all to see. In their story MSNBC will not even admit that France shunned the Queen instead they call it "France's alleged failure to invite his mother, Queen Elizabeth II." Sorry it is not alleged it is fact.

What happens next? President Obama will continue his trip and continue to apologize for all of the recent mistakes we have made since Sept 11, 2001

As for Obama supporters, they will continue to remain in a state of denial.

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  1. Guests of the Queen are briefed on appropriate conduct and etiquette before being received by her and the President and First Lady would have been told that a small bow would be appropriate. A deep bow and extreme formality is not appropriate in British culture; whereas it is in some Arab cultures.

  2. Total garbage. A bow is a bow. This President has no respect for Britain or the Queen. Another example, going along with France in not inviting the Queen (a veteran of WWII) during the recent D-Day ceremonies.