Thursday, July 3, 2008

Barack's Bus Full, Underneath

I wanted to list the many folks Sen Obama has thrown under his bus since his campaign got started but its full underneath and the list is changing with every new speech or Barack interview. The most recent has been the entire left wing of the Democrat Party.

Everyone knows about or should know about:

Reverend Wright
Trinity Church
Bitter Middle Class Americans, "clings to their guns and religion"
Father Pfleger
Bill and Hillary Clinton, except when he needs them they are allowed out.
American Muslim Community
Gay Community
California voters
Anti-Gun Activists
Pro-Gun Activists
Pro-Life Supporters
Pro-Abortion Supporters
Vice President Search Committee member and supporter
Anti-War Supporters
Daily Kos
Entire Left Wing of Democrat Party as he moves father to Center

Watch The Videos:

Grandmother "Typical White Person"

Rev Wright and Farrakhan:

Trinity Church:

Gays and Gay Marriage:

Hilliary Clinton:


So who is next for the Teflon Man, Sen Obama?

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