Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gen Clark, Obama Campaign Puppet

Gen Wesley Clark has become just another Obama Campaign Puppet with his current attacks on Sen McCain. Gen Clark is standing behind his statements that Sen McCain's past military record does not make him eligible to be Commander-In-Chief. If this is the case only combat Commanders such as generals would be eligible. With this type of logic, Sen Obama must be ruled out as being eligible for President since Commander-In-Chief comes with being President. This was and is a stupid statement for a general to make regardless of his motives. This is why Gen Clark's previous Presidential campaign for his party's nomination was such a disaster.

Sen Obama has never fully apologized or excepted any responsibility for allowing Gen Clark to make such a stupid remark. Sen Obama did say there should be no place in this campaign for this type of attack, but he linked statements of Gen Clark to attacks on himself and his patriotism. With Sen Obama everything must always be about Sen Obama. There is no doubt if Sen Obama told Gen Clark to apologize and retract his remarks, Gen Clark would be on every channel doing Sen Obama's bidding.

Sen Obama was first in line to hold Sen Clinton accountable for anything and everything her supporters and campaign people said or did during the Democratic Party's Primary. Now for reasons unknown Sen Obama cannot be responsible for remarks his supporters make or the views they hold about his opponent, Sen McCain. Sen Obama would like everyone to believe his campaign is new and different. He wants people to believe he is above this type of smear politics, attacking the integrity and character of another candidate. In reality, like his previous pastor Reverend Wright said, Sen Obama is a just another politician.

If Reverend Wright knows for a fact that Sen Obama will say whatever he has to say as a politician to win, then is it hard to believe he will do anything to win, including smearing his opponent every chance he gets. Since Sen Obama has most of the media, both print and television, in his pocket he is truly the Teflon Man of the 21st century. Nothing his supporters say will be connected to Sen Obama. As the campaign season continues the smears and attacks against Sen McCain will be more and more aggressive. If Sen McCain or his supporters try to fight back and use the same tactics they will be labeled racist. Very little can be said about Sen Obama's past, or questions raised concerning his judgment and character. Bill Clinton found out how easy an opponent or an opponent's supporter can be labeled a racist during the Georgia primary.

No one can honestly believe President Clinton was or is a racist, but his remarks in Georgia comparing Sen Obama's win to that of Jessi Jackson's win will go into the history books as a racist comment. True historians will not consider them as racist but Sen Obama's supporters will not be convinced. President Clinton learned the hard way that you simply cannot question Sen Obama. While he says he will not play the race card, his supporters and surrogates will. When it happens he will not be questioned and if he is, with the media's support, any responsibility will roll off his Teflon coating.

The American people are still waiting for Sen Obama to make his promised trip to Iraq. He keeps saying he will go this summer and the media is building it up to be the trip of the century. Listening to the media you would think Sen Obama is the only person that can visit Iraq and tell the truth about how the war is going. Because Sen Obama keeps putting off his visit, he has only been there once, people are wondering if Sen Obama is waiting and hoping the situation will deteriorate before making the trip. Sen McCain has suggested and offered to make the trip a joint visit but this will never happen. If Sen Obama ever meets Gen Petraeus in Iraq it will be alone or with Obama supporters. With his one visit when the war was going badly, Sen Obama and his supporters made up their minds the war was lost. Nothing he sees or hears will change his mind. He knows, if things continue the way they are today, by the time the new American President takes over the war will be won and Iraq will be a stable American ally in the fight against Al Qaeda. He cannot tell his anti-war supporters that it will be impossible for the next President to pull all of our military out any more than he can admit that Sen McCain and Gen Petraeus were right all along. Sen Obama simply cannot admit he was wrong about Iraq, if he wants to be the next President.

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