Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Congressman Wexler Should This Be Legal

After hearing the story about Congressman Wexler living in Maryland since 1999 and never owning or renting a home in Florida, I was surprised to find very little being said on the topic. Personally I would expect any representative to have more of a connection to the state or district, other than in-laws, he or she represents. O'Reilly and The Factor first broke the story and seem to be the only ones on TV that are interested in it.

Sun-Sentinel has been covering the story in Florida. Conservative blogs like The Daily Pulp and others are covering it on the Internet but it is receiving far less national coverage than did the outrage when Rick Santorum was accused in 2001 of violating the residency law concerning the school his children were attending. The difference was Sen Santorum actually owned a home in Pennsylvania, the state he represented, and also a home in Virginia closer to Washington DC. It appears Congressman Wexler has never owned property or lived in Florida.

This may be legal but I would ask, Should it be legal. I would like to know how the majority of Floridians feel about this topic. Are you really being represented by a person that has no other ties to your state other than his in-laws?

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