Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pelosi, Reid Say No To American Voters

For the second day after Congress reconvened from their July vacation they still refuse to address the oil prices and whether they should allow more drilling in America. Never mind that 70% of Americans asked say start drilling TODAY. Speakers Pelosi and Reid say they know what is best for America and it is not becoming independent from foreign oil.

As I reported in my previous post:

Senate No Action On Oil and Commodities Market

oil prices opened higher over the weekend but started to plummet with the fear that Congress would take action this week. After the Senate Majority Leader, Sen Reid made it clear the Senate would take no action on any bills addressing oil prices or drilling for new oil, the market started to rebound and opened higher today.

Today the Senate is continuing to debate the FISA Bill and after watching the debate for the last two days, it looks like there is no end in sight for this Bill. In the House no action is planned for allowing any Bill that discusses Offshore Drilling to come to the floor for a vote. Speaker Pelosi like Sen Reid has blocked any Bills of this nature.

One Congressman came to the House floor early this morning and had the nerve to brag that the House had passed dozens of bills that will add 70,000 barrels of oil per day to the market. What he didn't say was not one of these bills have moved through the Senate and to the President's desk. Pelosi and Reid have come together and successfully blocked any debate that would deal with the oil crisis facing America.

Even with Congress' approval rating in the single digits 9%, Pelosi and Reid are still trying to shift all of the blame onto President Bush. Their answer, same as always, open our strategic oil supplies. This will probably work to bring down the price for a few days but it is not a long term solution. Americans, be they Democrats, Independents, or Republicans understand we must become Energy (Oil) Independent from foreign countries. Since the 70s we have gone from 30% dependent to 70% dependent on foreign oil. American consumers are being held hostage by foreign oil, greedy speculators and now by our own Congress. The reason their approval rating is 9% and falling is Americans are hurting and know our Congress is playing politics with the oil crisis. They really believe they can convince the public this is all the President's fault even though this Congress is Democrat led and it is the Congress that is refusing to bow to the will of the people. The President has said for years we need to drill more in the United States and the Congress has steadfast refused.

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  1. This must be the big plan Pelosi was talking about in 2006.

  2. It probably is, God I hope it fails.