Thursday, July 31, 2008

Democrats Please Explain

I must admit I'm just a simple voter and consumer trying to raise my family in America. I may not be as smart as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others in the Democrat party leadership position so please put it in simple words I can understand. What is wrong with domestic drilling and being independent from foreign countries for things we can produce here at home?

Its like having a reservoir full of water on my own property but depending on my neighbor for water because I am afraid to use my own. My neighbor is getting rich off of me and laughing all the way to the bank.

Another problem with this situation that I don't understand is, what if my neighbor doesn't like me and another neighbor has started to pump water out of my reservoir. I can't make my neighbor like me and I can't stop the neighbor from stealing my water because he is pumping from the river that supplies my reservoir.

I have to have water to raise my crops and feed my kids but the pour fish in the reservoir need the water to swim in every day and my kids like to swim and play in the reservoir too. This is my quandary, I must protect my kids pristine natural resources and provide them a clean and fun recreation area but I need water for my crops.

When the neighbors raise the price on the water they supply to my family to such a high level that we have to start rationing, what do we do? Should we start using our own water or keep counting on the goodwill of our neighbors?

My kids say save the reservoir and protect the habit of the fish. They think new technology will be coming in the next 30 yrs that will get us off our need of natural water, something about synthetic water. Being a simple man, I don't understand.

Today our need for oil and petroleum based products is not much different from our need for water. While I'm only a simple voter, I understand we will never be completely free from fossil fuel. It takes decades upon decades to change the infrastructure of a country as large as ours from one type of energy to another. Imagine how long it will take for service stations across the country to convert their underground diesel and gas tanks to biofuels or alternative fuels. What do we do in the mean time, ride bicycles and work 20 hrs a day just to survive? How will the trucking industry that transports everything we produce stay in business if the price of fuel continues to rise while they're waiting for new and better trucks?

Would some genius Democrat that is holding up the vote in Congress please explain in simple terms, what would be the harm in using our own natural resources to lower the price of everything around us? Are the pristine beaches off our coast, the Alaska Caribou, or the Rocky Mountains really so fragile that we cannot drill in a safe and environmentally friendly manner?

My last question to Obama, Pelosi, or Reid: Is politics and getting elected more important than following the will of the people? Over 70% say drill and drill now!!!

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