Friday, July 11, 2008

Democracy Alliance Alive and Well July 2008

The ultra-left and progressive millionaire/billionaire only organization The Democracy Alliance is alive and well as of July 1, 2008. They have a new job posting on
for a Partner and Investment Services Associate. This highly secretive "Democratic Organization" is designed to sway the 2008 elections through any means possible. Their only goal is to gain control of the White House and Congress by getting Democrats elected. Only Billionaires and Millionaires can be "partners" and have access to other members or gain any knowledge of the "special projects" the Alliance is involved in. You can find a list of American billionaires on my previous post Using Oil To Sway Elections

After Senate Majority Leader Reid and a number of other Democrats broke with Speaker Pelosi and decided they were open to the "possibility of more drilling", Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat Congressmen said absolutely no, drilling for oil is a "hoax." The price per barrel jumped to $147 this morning. The business world has no reason for such a high increase but CNN found one reason, "threatened attacks on oil lines in Nigeria." I have a better reason, speculators intent on swaying this election.

There is no excuse for this Democratic Led Congress to continually defy the will of over 70% of Americans by refusing to allow more exploration and drilling of Domestic Oil. Is Pelosi or any family member a "partner" of Democracy Alliance?

You can find some members and donors at: Obama Democracy Alliance and Oil

Could Nancy Pelosi or this organization be so desperate to win an election that they would be willing to manipulate the price of the one commodity that is basic to every industrial nation in the world?

There is no factory or new technology be it electric cars. hybrid cars, computers, literally nothing that is not dependent on some type of petroleum product. From the cars and trucks we drive, the internet and our computers, the solar panels to use in our homes, to the roads we drive upon will not exist with the products we derive from oil. We do not depend on oil for gas and diesel only. For a starting place on your quest to find some of the thousands of products that come from oil start here: Oil's Products

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