Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Comment Section Open

COMMENTS WELCOME, Visit the Archive section to find posts on politics, oil, gas, immigration, alternative fuels, news, new technology and other topics. If it effects the current state of America or our future please feel free to leave your comment.

In the past the Comment Section has been strictly moderated to eliminate profanity or hate comments directed at any public official, private individual, or groups in America. Terrorist organizations and enemies of America and our allies are exempt from receiving the wrath of State_of_America and your comments are welcome.

While the comment section is open to all I would ask that anyone leaving a comment on any particular topic be civil and respectful of others points of view. Please do not use profanity, hateful, or discriminatory language. These type of comments will be deleted. If you disagree with any topic please explain in the comment section.

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