Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wounded Care Organizations

Regardless of a person's personal beliefs toward the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan the one thing that should remain a top priority for all Americans is to support our troops, especially the wounded members and returning vets that may experience hardships from war. There are many charities and organizations that are set up to help our Vets and we as Americans should do everything we can to support them.

It is not my place to support one charity or organization over the other. I simply wish to provide information to anyone that is looking for organizations that needs help in their efforts to help our wounded men/women and their families.

The Defense Department has listed some worthy organizations on their website. I have a link here to this page. I would encourage everyone interested in helping, to visit Wounded Care Organizations and look through the different organizations. You may find one that you would like to contribute to or become a member. These men, women and their families deserve our profound gratitude and support.

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