Monday, July 21, 2008

Illegals - San Francisco Wants You

A message to All illegals regardless of nationality but preferably from Spanish speaking countries, Please come come to San Francisco. Since San Francisco has declared itself to be an open sanctuary city the old Mommas and Pappas song "California Dreaming" should be your new national anthem.

Here are some of the things San Francisco have to offer illegals:

Free housing

Free medical

Free education

Free, well paying jobs

Free protection from the Federal Government

No background checks

Free transportation to avoid Federal Prosecution if convicted of a crime

Free legal representation if accused of crime

Free fraudulent documents to blend in to American society

Free drugs, if you are addicted to illegal drugs

Free treatment if you wish to get off drugs

Right to protest

Right to vote

Regardless of your gang affiliation MS13, Bloods, Crips, La Emme (Mexican Mafia), Mara Salvatrucha, Surenos, 18th Street, Latin Kings, Black P. Stones, Black Gangster Disciples, the Vice Lords, or your criminal background San Francisco is the place to be. In San Francisco everyone can get along.

All illegals across America have been invited to the City of Free Love and are welcomed with open arms. If you are not armed they can be provided for your protection, also free. San Francisco has always been and will always be the cutting edge of a new and progressive society. So if you are illegal and feel persecuted by local, state, or federal officials or citizens in the state you are currently presiding in, Welcome To San Francisco.

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  1. Its actually kind of fun to watch these liberal hot beds go under from their own policies, Detroit is another city liberalism has destroyed.

  2. i dont think san fran should be a part of the united states the people who live there are not real americans anyway lets get rid of those loosers

  3. san fran should just be blown up their is nothing but scum in that city anyway

  4. Fortunately it is not all of the people of San Francisco that are to blame. Its the liberal politicians and too many liberal cutting edge progressives that have had their brain cells destroyed from the over use of drugs.